Justin + Hannah

Where do I even begin? These two had such a beautiful wedding from start to finish. It started with a first look at Vasquez Rocks, California, then ended at the Blomgren Ranch Estate in Santa Clarita.   The entire day, Hannah and Justin played indie/folk music that had me swooning, like Bon Iver's "Holocene" and "Swelling Sea" by Tow'rs. During their ceremony at the ranch, the sunset turned a gorgeous reddish color and broke through the trees perfectly right at their first kiss. It was like nothing I had ever seen before - can you say timing?? Then, wherever I took them for photos, they were ready and nothing held them back! Did Hannah care about getting her dress dirty? NOPE, she wanted those photos. And I'm over here thinking, can you be any cooler???

Then the emotions, all the emotions! Their family, their guests, and they themselves were all letting the laughs and tears fly. I was in photography heaven. This definitely makes one of my favorite weddings of the year. 

 Remember to make time for each other throughout the day and let the love flow.  It sounds obvious, but sometimes a wedding day can be full of so much going on, that it is easy to forget! Schedule as much down time as you want to give yourselves breaks and take time to have moments alone, because it is your day for you two. Plus, all of those intimate moments give you the sweetest pictures! This wedding is a perfect example of that done right.