​​ What am I all about?

I'm all about the authentic, spontaneous, wild, romantic, and carefree moments you share with the love of your life. I'm all for embracing the wind in your hair, having impromptu dance-offs, singing at the top of your lungs on the road, taking on adventure, and the messy, beautiful, unplanned moments.  
   My favorite thing to photograph is the deep connections between people - the happy tears, the long hugs, the laughs that make your belly hurt, the little things you love about each other. I want to bring out the playful, fun-loving, mad-for-eachother looks in your eyes in photos. I want your time in front of the camera to be a fun experience, instead of awkward poses. We can leave those behind. I want to learn about what makes you, YOU and create something big together. I love that every couple's journey is unique. I'm moved by the histories that bring people together and I believe their story deserves to be told. To tell that story, I want to capture even the smallest moments that happen in-between the main events. Part of the reason I love weddings is because there are so many of those. There are tiny gestures and giddy smiles to one another, quick loving glances and small tears throughout the day that should also be remembered. Witnessing all of the genuine, heartfelt emotions at weddings keeps me feeling fulfilled. It's proof that love is strong in this world and it fuels my inspiration. 

Let's tell your story.
   HI! I'm Christine! 

A lot of my friends call me by my last name, Flower. I have been wielding a camera for over a decade now and started shooting weddings since before my college days. I started shooting on film when I was a young'un at 15 and I seriously miss the darkroom. I fell in love with photography because it blew my mind that you can take a moment clear out of time and freeze it on a piece of paper with just light and a box. Went to school for a totally different BA (psych and bio, holla!), but couldn't put down the camera, so now I'm here! I just can't get enough of taking pictures of people in love.

Some more facts about me ~ 

 I love people, I love traveling, I love the world.
​ Love trying things I've never done before
 I love comedy everything
 Will quote Will Farrell 
I'm a struggling plant mom
Have a mild taco obsession
Cookies too
I bake when I want to destress
I can't wait to be a grandma one day so I can have an excuse to sew ALL the time and then make my grand kids wear the clothes
A Total scary movie fan
Snorkeling is my serenity​
Snowboarding is my other serenity
​I'm the biggest goober when in FRONT of a camera
I'm a firm believer in road trips on the whim
Or buying plane tickets on the whim
Language, biology/genetics, and psychology were my fave subjects in school
Could eat potatoes every single day in all shapes and forms and sizes
In love with the stars and skies
Watching the trailers before the movie at the theater is a must or my heart cries just a little bit
Going to concerts every chance I get
My favorite thing to do when going out is grabbing a beer and playing pool
Breaking Bad is the best show ever...
Well also Game of Thrones
The OG Jurrassic Park is my favorite movie ever made
Maybe Titanic too
I'm big on getting my feet dirty if there's a trail to follow

Reach out and let's get to know each other! I'd love to tell your story.

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